Exuberance Is Beauty

Exuberance Is Beauty

Exuberance Is Beauty 2021
Monday, 17 May 2021

12:00 Noon-1:00 PM PT
Initial broadcast and stream by KXRW FM, Vancouver, WA, and KXRY FM, Portland, OR
Subsequent broadcasts and streams by partner radio stations. See below.

Re-Imagined Radio presented a special episode of Exuberance Is Beauty recorded for radio performance by actors from Illuminus Audio Productions. The setting is Portland, Oregon, following the end of World War II. A young widow, Eve Miller has not gotten over the loss of her husband Nick. An intense and exciting love affair with Jeff Lambert, a dashing, married, artist has brought passion back into her life. But, both Jeff and Eve must face the consequences of their desires and actions.


This episode was recorded for broadcast. Listen with headphones to best enjoy the rich soundscapes and ambient sounds.

Partner Radio Stations

KXRW FM, Vancouver, WA, 99.9 FM
KXRY FM, (aka XRAY), Portland, OR, 91.1 FM or 107.1 FM
KUIK AM, Portland, OR, 1360 AM
KMWV FM, Salem, OR, 98.3 FM
CKXU FM, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, 88.3 FM

How To Listen
KXRW FM, Vancouver, WA
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KXRY FM, (aka XRAY), Portland, OR
Tune Radio to 91.1 FM or 107.1 FM
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KUIK AM, Portland, OR
Tune radio to 1360 AM
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KMWV FM, Salem, OR
Tune Radio to 98.3 FM
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Use the XRAY App, available through the Apple and Android stores.

Program Amazon's Alexa to play KXRY.

Cast & Credits

Darlene Sorensen as Eve Miller
Eric Schniewind as Jeff Lambert
Shelley Bryant as Mary and Carmen
Ross Laguzza as Frank and Harry

Created and directed by Donna Barrow-Green
Sound Design by Donna Barrow-Green
Post Production by Martin John Gallagher
Social Media by Regina Carol Social Media Management and Photography
Graphic Design by Holly Slocum Design
Produced and Hosted by John Barber


Set in Portland, in the 1940s, following the end of World War II, "Exuberance Is Beauty" is a fine example of how radio storytelling combines sounds, music, and spoken word to create and sustain compelling drama. In this case, "Exuberance Is Beauty" provides a contemporary interpretation of the biblical allegory of Adam and Eve and Eve's fall into desolation.

Eve Miller is a young war widow. She has not gotten over the loss of her husband, Nick. She rebels against the ordinariness of womanhood in the post-war era and succumbs to the sensual temptation of an adulterous affair with a dashing, married, artist, Jeff Lambert. In the aftermath of this affair, both Jeff and Eve have to face the consequences of their desires and actions. Despite being a strong female protagonist, Eve Miller's life unravels and leads to unexpected violence and moral isolation resulting from her estranged lover's obsessive control.

The tragic story unfolds through Eve's eyes, despite her will and resistence. Themes explored include gender norms, liberty, motherhood, obsessive love, mental illness, and justice.

This special performance for Re-Imagined Radio begins with Exuberance Is Beauty (2015), a fictional, historical novel by Donna Barrow-Green, a writer of dark fiction, memoir, and docu-biography living in Portland, Oregon. In 2020, Barrow-Green created a serialized literary podcast of her novel. Barrow-Green created and produced the sound design. Vocal parts were performed by Illuminus Audio Productions. This multi-episode podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify, Audible, and other podcast platforms, is akin to an audio book and retains the depth and breadth of the original novel. Exuberance Is Beauty has garnered serious attention and awards as a fictional podcast. LEARN more at the Illuminus Productions website.

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