Short Sound Stories

Student storytelling with sound(s)

Short Sound Stories web poster
Short Sound Stories

Student storytelling with sound(s)
30 January 2023
Season 11, Episode 01

Re-Imagined Radio presents "Short Sound Stories," an anthology of eighteen short stories. Each is a unique experience told with vocals, sound effects, field recordings, and music. Subjects include soundscapes, dreamscapes, deep questions, audio drama, radio drama, radio historical highlights, memories, emotional states, loss and redemption, scary stories, uplifting stories, collages, sound poems, and more. All created by local, emerging artists.


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Minor changes may have been made in production. Voice actors are creative. Otherwise, this is an accurate textual description of what is heard in our broadcast.


Written, Produced, and Hosted by John F. Barber
Sound Design, Music, and Post Production by Marc Rose of Fuse Audio Design
Promotional Graphics by Holly Slocum Design


These eighteen short stories told with sound(s) were produced by local, emerging artists. They conceptualized and produced their stories. They recorded and edited their stories. They explored radio storytelling. Re-Imagined Radio sampled from each and it's a pleasure to present them here.

The works included, in order of appearance, are . . .
"Sensory Overload"
"A mixture of a memoir, soundwalk of the campus, and soundscape about how I, as someone who deals with sensory processing disorder, views the world."

"What’s in Your Head?"
"A soundscape and sound walk about a typical Tuesday where I go about my day through work, dance, school and going home."

"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark"
A reading of a favorite childhood scary story with added vocal and sound effects. Original story by Alvin Schwartz.

"The Box"
An imaginary, futuristic space tale. The listener is scavenging through a spaceship to find a box. Once the box is found, listeners must deal with the inhabitants of the alien craft, and what is on the other side of a mysterious door. Part Jetsons, part arcade game. Lots of interesting sounds.

"A Mo(u)ring to Remember"
A mixture of narrative and field records to produce a story about the importance of memories.

Combines sound walk, field recordings, and audio drama to create the sense of creeping paranoia.

"A soundscape about my nightmares, how I keep falling back into them, and my fear of zombies."

"Gaming System Sounds"
Combines sound archive, soundscape, and sound-installation methods to construct a collection and analysis of old gaming systems starting up and being played. Samples are heard throughout this episode.

"An Anxious Lifetime"
A combination of memoir, performance, and oral history to portray a person’s struggles with anxiety. This project is meaningful because it highlights struggles faced by students, and encourages people to have a conversation about mental health.

"Radio Spirit"
Seeks to capture the ethos of radio by presenting examples of broadcasts from the 1930s-1960s that provided information and entertainment before the advent of television.

"A Mind of Two"
Uses soundscapes, oral history, and audio drama to create a representation of the mind of a bilingual person and how these sounds interact and influence the two individuals with different identities.

"Life Holds Everything"
Combines poetry and soundscape to create a collage of sounds addressing the challenges and weirdness of life.

"A Day at a Museum in Sphinxaria"
Sphinxaria (Sphinx-Aria) is a fantastical setting in the same vein as Dungeons & Dragons, but more industrialized. In this work we hear elements of fiction, audio drama, and sound walk as soundtrack for an evolving game. This sample follows an unnamed protagonist through a museum where we learn about the exhibits.

"A Cast of Amontillado"
An audio drama based on this short story by Edgar Allen Poe. "This work provides me the opportunity to reflect on how extremely I have reacted to my peers in the past."

"Combines audio drama, soundwalking, and some elements of soundscape and sonification to share a story of the anxieties I am experiencing at the end of the semester. Words can’t express the unease, the sense that something is not quite right, that I feel at this time. Sound(s) can stand in for those missing words."

"The Real Talk"
Combines soundscape and soundwalk in a free-wheeling podcast-like structure as three friends discuss the question of the day, "Does Disney make better content?".

"A Western Tale"
Combines oral history, audio essay, and soundscape to create a fictional story that touches on relationships, family, travel, heartbreak, happiness and reconnecting.

"Three . . . Two . . . One. We’re live!"
Combines radio, audio essay, and a memoir to depict a radio broadcast that hopefully you'll never hear. Death is the host. Time is the theme. Two guests discuss their thoughts on time, Dr. Ty Mez Shortz in an audio essay format, and Caleb, the artist, in memoir format. We sample the former.


Special thanks to Maureen Keller, Syliva Lindman, and Brenda Alling for promoting this episode of Re-Imagined Radio.
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Re-Imagined Radio “Short Sound Stories." City of Vancouver.

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Short Sound Stories web poster by Holly Slocum (240 x 356)
Short Sound Stories web poster

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Name: Short Sound Stories
Subtitle: Student storytelling with sound(s)
Season: 11
Episode: 01
Description: Re-Imagined Radio presents a collection of short stories told with soundscapes, dreamscapes, deep questions, audio drama, radio drama, radio historical highlights, memories, emotional states, loss and redemption, scary stories, uplifting stories, collages, sound poems, and more. All original work created by participants of a storytelling with sounds course.
Program type: Episodic
Length: 58:00
Media type: Radio broadcast, live stream, podcast
Premier broadcast and live stream: 30 January 2023, KXRW-FM (Vancouver, WA), KXRY-FM (Portland, OR)
Recording availability: Podcast
Recording specs: Audio, MP3, stereo, 44.1Hz, 320kbps
Recording name: rir-short-sound-stories.mp3
Categories: Radio drama, Documentary, Radio performance, non-fictional
Keywords: radio drama, storytelling, documentary, short stories, emerging artists
Script: Original scripts adapted, research, commentary by John F. Barber
Producer/Host: John F. Barber
Sound Design/Music Composition: Marc Rose