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A program about radio storytelling

Re-Imagined Radio adapts and shares stories via the radio medium that engage your ears. Listen to a sample of the production "9/11 Radio Stories" below.

Hiro & Liling by Kristina Jones and The Martian Death March by Ernest Kindy X Minus One a Tribute Featuring The Veldt by Ray Bradbury and The Cave of Night by James E Gunn Lone-Green-Challenge: The Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, The Challenge of the Yukon A Mighty Span William Conrad: A Tribute to a Great Radio Voice
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Dimension X

Stories in time and space told in future tense

20 November 2023
Season 11, Episode 11
Re-Imagined Radio celebrates Dimension X, a pioneering radio science fiction series that provided the essential radio storytelling DNA for X Minus One, perhaps the most acclaimed science fiction anthology radio series ever broadcast.

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What We Do

Radio Stories that Spark Imagination

Re-Imagined Radio adapts and shares stories via the radio medium that engage your ears. Play out for your mind's eye. And spark your imagination. We share our stories as radio broadcasts, live and/or on-demand streaming, and podcasts. Lots of ways to listen.

Our radio storytelling draws from dramas, comedies, oral and aural histories, documentaries, fictions, soundscapes and sonic journeys, radio and sound art. Each story utilizes the fundamental components of radio storytelling: dialogue, sounds for context and/or effect, and music. We provide stories with cinematic qualities inside your mind. The pictures are better there. The screen is larger, and you are the star.

Our audience is local, and global. We strive to connect with each listener, providing radio stories that are engaging, enduring. Entertaining, informing. This website provides information about our radio stories and the research inquiries behind them.

Re-Imagined Radio was created and is maintained by John F. Barber, faculty with the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver. Barber produces and hosts each episode. LEARN more: mission, background, manifesto, outcomes.