Re-Imagined Radio

Re-Imagined Radio produces and shares radio storytelling in a variety of forms and themes for audiences local to global. Content ranges from classic Old Time Radio (OTR) programs to contemporary narratives. Each episode is a literary-media art performance utilizing the fundamental components of radio storytelling: dialogue, sounds for context and/or effect, and music. This website provides information about these performances and the research inquiries behind them. LEARN more: mission, background, manifesto, outcomes.

Re-Imagined Radio was created and is maintained by John Barber as part of his ongoing Radio Art+Performance+Research (RAPR) research focus. The other components are Radio Nouspace, an experimental online radio ecology, and his own creative practice with radio+sound art.

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How To Listen

Premier Broadcast and Live Stream

Vancouver, WA
Third Monday of each month, 13:00-14:00 PT
     Tune radio to 99.9 FM
     Or, Point your browser to KXRW.FM, press either the "Listen" or "Live Stream-Listen" buttons at top of page

(aka XRAY), Portland, OR
Third Monday of each month, 13:00-14:00 PT
     Tune Radio to 91.1 FM or 107.1 FM
     Or, Point your browser to KXRY.FM, press the large "Play" button at the top of the page.
     Or, use the XRAY App, available through the Apple and Android stores.
     Or, program Amazon's Alexa to play KXRY.

Third Monday of each month, 13:00-14:00 PT
     Log in to the Instagram app using your smart phone or tablet, or instagram.com using your browser.
     If not already following Re-Imagined Radio, search for @reimaginedradio.
     Tap or click "Follow."
     When sharing live streams, our profile picture appears at the top of "Feed" in a colorful ring with the word "Live."
     Tap or click our profile picture to hear our live broadcast.

Other Listening Opportunties

Vancouver, WA
Every Sunday evening, 18:00-19:00 PT
     Tune radio to 99.9 FM
     Or, Point your browser to KXRW.FM, press either the "Listen" or "Live Stream-Listen" buttons at top of page
     Random replay of a past episode of Re-Imagined Radio

Portland, OR
     Tune radio to 1360 AM
     Or, Point your browser to KUIK Internet radio

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
     Tune radio to 88.3 FM
     Or, Point your browser to CKXU FM, press the "Play" button at the top of the page.

Salem, OR
Wednesdays, 18:00 and Sundays, 19:00 PT
     Tune Radio to 98.3 FM
"I just found this show and love it!" — KMWV listener

Community Growth Radio (CGR)
across Washington state
Thursdays and Fridays, 19:00-21:00 PT
     Point your browser to CGR website, Select CGR Radio 2 listen link

CGR provides full time news, information, community, educational, and entertainment service for listeners in Western Washington and Oregon via two streaming networks. CGR 1 focuses on information, while CGR 2 focuses on entertainment. Both networks stream 24/7 to target audiences including blind, visually impaired and disabled persons, and military veterans. Re-Imagined Radio can be heard on CGR 2.

Community Growth Radio is owned and operated by Gerald Gaule, along with Northwest Audio Information Service (NWAIAS), a full time audio information service providing newspaper, book, and magazine readings by volunteers. Both CGR and NWAIS Radio are listener and community supported. Both are recognized by The International Association of Audio Information Services.

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