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Re-Imagined Radio is a research project led by John F. Barber that produces and shares sound-based storytelling as live performances, radio broadcasts, listening events, live stream and on demand audio, and beyond. All these outcomes are undertaken as literary-media art and performance for contemporary audiences. This website provides information about these performances and the research inquiries behind them. LEARN more: mission, background, manifesto, outcomes.

Re-Imagined Radio is the production and performance "leg" of Barber's Radio Art+Performance+Research (RAPR) research focus. The other components are Radio Nouspace, an experimental online radio station providing on demand and interactive listening opportunities for exemplary examples of radio drama and art, and Barber's creative practice with radio+sound art. Each is a form of research-as-practice, action research, and/or practice-based research. LEARN more about Barber's university scholarship and research.


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Sherlock Holmes, Issue 13, 14 April 2021
Storytelling with Sounds, Issue 12, 14 March 2021
Affairs of the Heart AND Lonesome Gal, Issue 11, 11 February 2021
Affairs of the Heart, Issue 10, 7 February 2021
Whistle In New Year. Listen to Re-Imagined Radio., Issue 9, 12 January 2021
It's the New Year with Re-Imagined Radio, Issue 8, 7 January 2021
Twas The Week of A Radio Christmas Carol, Issue 7, 21 December 2020
A Radio Christmas, Issue 6, 10 December 2020
The Skyjacker Beer Pairings, Issue 5, 24 November 2020
The Skyjacker, more, Issue 4, 23 November 2020
The Skyjacker, Issue 3, 4 November 2020
Sherlock Holmes Postponded, Issue 2, 23 April 2020
First Issue, 2020 Performance Schedule, Issue 1, 5 March 2020

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